What if I accidentally rear-ended someone but it wasn't my fault?

I rear-ended another car, but it wouldn't have happened if my tire didn't blow out as I was trying to stop and hit a pothole. Is it still considered my fault? I also got broken bones in my hand and one broken rib, bruising on my face and whiplash because of this.

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It is possible that the tire may have been defective, or that the pothole you hit was an illegal size. In the event that something like this occurred, it is entirely possible that the accident was not your fault, and could potentially be attributed to a product defect, malfunctioning auto part, or a dangerous road condition. You should definitely talk to an attorney in your state to find out if you have a case. With those types of injuries and the potential that the accident was not your fault, it would be wise to find out from an expert if you were at-fault or if another cause was the culprit.

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