Featured News 2014 GM Issues Another Recall, This Time for 2.4 Million Vehicles

GM Issues Another Recall, This Time for 2.4 Million Vehicles

Tuesday, May 20, General Motors recalled an additional 2.42 cars, citing four different problems (none of which included the ignition switch). This means GM has reached its 29th recall for the year. More than a dozen crashes are attributed to the latest string of vehicle problems, but according to GM, no fatalities have been reported over these defects. GM is already under fire for its severely delayed recall of an ignition switch defect, one that is blamed in 12 fatalities in the U.S. and one death in Canada.

From today's recall, here are the 1,339,355 cars recalled for faulty seat belt cables, which can actually weaken or even snap from use, failing drivers and passengers in a crash when they most need those safety belts to work:

  • Buick Enclaves
  • Chevrolet Traverses
  • GMC Acadia full-size crossover SUVs from 2009-2014
  • Saturn Outlooks from 2009-2010

Here are the 1,075,102 cars recalled over a transmission shift cable that could deteriorate, not even allowing drivers put the vehicle in park, take the key out of the ignition, or shift gears. This defect is said to have caused 18 accidents and one injury. These vehicles join the ones recalled for the same issue back on April 29:

  • Chevrolet Malibu and Maxx from 2004-2008
  • Saturn Aura from 2007-2008
  • Pontiac G6 from 2005-2008

Here are the 1,402 vehicles that were recalled for a malfunctioning passenger airbag. Only 224 of these vehicles have been purchased thus far, and all owners received overnight letters about the issue. These letters urged drivers to not let anyone sit on the passenger side until the malfunction was repaired:

  • Cadillac Escalades from 2015
  • Escalade ESVs from 2015

Finally, 58 of these vehicles were recalled due to an electrical issue that could spark a fire:

  • Chevrolet Silverado HD from 2015
  • GMC Sierra HD full-size pickups from 2015

According to reports, not only is this a recall-filled year for GM, but the entire car industry could be seeing record numbers of recalls in 2014. About 23 million cars have been recalled so far this year, and the record was set in 2004, when there were recalls issued for 30.8 million cars.

Too often, poor vehicle design, negligent manufacture, and inadequate monitoring could lead to dangerous car accidents, leaving innocent people with a trail of medical costs, expensive car repair bills, and lost income due to missed work. When a defective car part causes an accident or inflicts injury on you or a loved one, you may be entitled to compensation through a legal claim, whether or not a recall has been issued. Talk to a car accident lawyer today to learn more about your legal rights and options!

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