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Fall Driving Tips

Despite the moderate temperatures, we want to remind motorists that sun glare, wet leaves, and frost are just a few of the hazards that drivers can expect during the fall. To help you avert an accident this season, follow these tips to make your commutes safer.

Many drivers enjoy the changing of the seasons; the rich brown, red, orange and yellow hues of the leaves in the fall. But, those falling leaves can get wet, leaving the roadway as slippery as ice.

Piles of leaves can obscure traffic lanes and other roadway markings, making driving in an unfamiliar area more difficult. If you're driving down a leaf-covered roadway, you want to use extra caution.

Other Fall Hazards to Watch Out For

Whenever you drive in the fog, be sure to use low beam headlights, since high beams reduce visibility and create glare. Additionally, by turning on your headlights, it's easier for other motorists to see you.

As a rule of thumb: state laws require headlights to be on whenever wipers are in use.

Sun glare is the worst during sunrise and sunset, which occurs during the morning and evening rush hours. You want to be especially careful of pedestrians and bicyclists at intersections. The best way to combat glare is to keep a pair of sunglasses handy, and by keeping your windshield clean.

Be aware of morning frost and ice on the road, which can occur when overnight temperatures drop below freezing. If you have to drive over a bridge, overpass, or shaded area on the roadway where an icy spot could have formed on the pavement, be careful. Also, before hitting the road, clear all frost from your vehicle's window.

Autumn means an increase in deer activity in many parts, thus drivers are advised to watch out for deer darting across the roadway, particularly between sunset and sunrise, when deer or the most active.

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