Arnold & Itkin LLP Articles Trucking Accident Causes Injury and Shuts Down Highway

Trucking Accident Causes Injury and Shuts Down Highway

By Arnold & Itkin, LLP  Sep. 19, 2012 11:30a

Traffic was completely stopped and had to be re-routed in both directions after a serious morning rush hour accident. A semi-truck with a full load of non-hazardous materials overturned resulting in a collision with a passenger vehicle around 8:30 am on a recent weekday. Police reports indicated that the driver of the semi-truck attempted cross all lanes of traffic which caused the vehicle to jack-knife and then roll over onto its side. A passenger car was badly damaged in the incident and its occupants were taken by ambulance to a local medical center. Reports did not say if the driver of the semi-truck was injured in the accident. It took five hours for crews to clean up spills and debris from the wreck so that lanes could be re-opened. There was no word as yet if the driver of the truck was to be charged or cited for any violations. Don't take on a trucking company on your own after an injury crash—get the help of a knowledgeable trucking accident attorney today.

Trucking accidents can be much more complex than collisions involving only passenger vehicles. This is because there can be several factors involved which led to the accident. Possible causes include more than just possible driver error. There could also be an issue with the truck manufacturer, faulty parts, poor maintenance of the truck or the trailer by the trucking company, improperly loaded trailer, improperly secured load and many other such examples. That is why you need skilled legal representation that understands the full picture and knows how to proceed in proving liability so you get the much needed compensation you are entitled to as an injury accident victim.

Were you injured in a trucking accident in the Houston area?

An accident involving a big rig, semi truck, 18-wheeler or other large commercial vehicle can result in severe injuries as well as fatalities. If you were seriously injured or lost a loved one in a truck crash then you should speak with a truck accident attorney as soon as you possibly can. A dedicated attorney with us at the law offices of Arnold & Itkin may be able to prove that the truck driver, trucking company and/or truck manufacturer was liable for you injuries. Contact our firm today to schedule a time to discuss your case and find out how we may be able to obtain substantial compensation for you.

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