Givens Givens Sparks, PLLC Articles Highway Patrol Seeks Suspect In Fatal Hit-And-Run

Highway Patrol Seeks Suspect In Fatal Hit-And-Run

By Givens Givens Sparks, PLLC  Sep. 2, 2011 2:00p

Emergency Responders Rescue Dog But Are Unable To Save Cyclist

During the early hours of the morning on Tuesday night, a driver collided with a man on a bicycle on an ill-lit Florida road, killing him and injuring his canine companion.

The victim has been identified by law enforcement agents, who have spoken with his brother and close relatives. The 31-year old man Sarasota native was out riding, accompanied by his pit bull Mama Dukes, traveling north on Swift Road. The street is allegedly very dark, and police believe the victim may have simply been difficult to see, citing his lack of reflective clothing or lights. The area also lacks bike lanes, making it troublesome for cyclists.

After speaking with his older brother, Florida Highway Patrolmen learned that he had been planning to attend dog training school in January before his life was cut tragically short. The brother spoke harshly of the driver, saying that he could forgive the person if he or she had stopped and tried to help.

"To leave him there to die," the older man told reporters, "there's nothing right about that."

Police Seek Red Car In Connection With Crime

While searching the crime scene for clues, investigators said they quickly decided that it appeared the driver was in a red colored newer model car. The left front had been damaged, leaving enough evidence for highway patrol troopers to determine the make. They learned it was a Dodge Challenger, and have begun searching the area nearby for any sign of the vehicle.

If found, the car could point law enforcement investigators in the direction of the suspect. Police say they will not necessarily be able to catch the culprit, or even be able to locate the vehicle.

"You're looking for a needle in a haystack," a trooper said. "You're really at the mercy of witnesses and a little luck."

Police urge anyone with information regarding the incident to contact the Florida Highway Patrol.

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