Law Office of Maria L. Rubio Articles Florida Lawmaker Considers Texting While Driving as Dangerous as Drinking and Driving

Florida Lawmaker Considers Texting While Driving as Dangerous as Drinking and Driving

By Law Office of Maria L. Rubio  May. 21, 2013 1:15p

Florida legislator, Senator Nancy Detert, agreed to a change in her anti-texting and driving bill in order to get it passed in the house and sent up to the governor. The bill is aimed at putting a ban on texting while driving with the goal of preventing car accidents which result in injuries or fatalities. Florida is one of the last of just a few states that do not have state laws regarding texting while driving or other use of a handheld device. Senator Detert has voiced her concerns about this form of distracted driving and the many accidents that it has led to. She feels that in many situations, texting while driving is just as dangerous as drunk driving because the person's attention is not fully on the road or what is happening around them. A car can travel several hundred feet while the driver has his or her attention on a text message. It is easy for a devastating accident to occur during that time involving another vehicle, a pedestrian or a cyclist. Consult with a personal injury attorney as soon as you can if you were hurt in an accident caused by someone who was texting while driving.

Texting Ban Passes Nearly Unanimously

Detert's proposal, SB 52, was met with some opposition from those concerned about ensuring privacy was protected and that probable cause wasn't thrown out the door. The result was a compromise which makes texting while driving a secondary offense. In effect, an officer cannot conduct a traffic stop solely on the basis of observing someone texting while driving but must see the driver commit an additional traffic offense first. The bill also states that if a driver is involved in an injury accident then that driver's phone records can be searched to determine if he or she was texting at the time of the crash.

Injured in a car accident in Miami?

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