Lenahan Law Firm Articles Woman Severely Injured in SUV Accident

Woman Severely Injured in SUV Accident

By Lenahan Law Firm  Sep. 25, 2012 11:38a

An early morning crash left the female driver of an SUV in critical condition. The woman was driving her white SUV around 1:15 in the morning on a recent weeknight when the wreck occurred. She had just exited the westbound side of the Linden B. Johnson Freeway and was crossing the southbound lanes of the frontage road when a red sedan collided into the SUV's side. The side impact force of the sedan caused the SUV to roll over and the woman was ejected from the vehicle. The male driver of the sedan was not injured. Neither vehicle was carrying passengers. The woman was transported by ambulance to the closest hospital. Her current condition has not been reported. Injured in a vehicle collision that was not your fault? Get the help of a car accident lawyer as soon as you can to make sure your rights and best interests are protected.

The sedan had been traveling south on the frontage road when the impact with the SUV occurred in an intersection. Authorities are investigating the incident to discover which direction had a red light and if failure to stop at the light resulted in the serious crash.

Injured in a crash involving a sport utility vehicle?

More and more SUVs are on Dallas highways and streets and along with that is an increase in SUV accident statistics. While SUVs serve a number of uses for families, individuals and in connection with business, there are inherent risks in driving these vehicles as opposed to a sedan. The higher center of gravity makes SUVs three times more likely to rollover if it is involved in a collision or if the driver loses control or attempts to make sudden evasive maneuvers. Rollover accidents can result in very serious injuries to both driver and passengers including head and neck trauma, spinal cord injuries, dislocations, internal injuries and more.

Contact a Dallas Car Accident Attorney

If your SUV accident was due to another's negligence or was caused by a defective part such as a tire defect then you may be entitled to compensation for all physical and property damage, etc. Contact an attorney with us at the law offices of the Lenahan Law Firm right away to find out what we may be able to do for you. We have obtained millions in damages on behalf of our clients that were hurt in a car wreck caused by someone else.

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