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Minnesota Traffic Crash Facts

By Rob Roe Law, LLC  Jun. 17, 2013 11:17a

In Minnesota, 72,117 traffic crashes occurred in 2011. The leading causes of these crashes, according to the Minnesota Office of Traffic Safety were 1) driver inattention or distraction 2) a failure to yield the right of way 3) driving at an illegal speed or an unsafe speed. In 2011, 368 people died in traffic accidents. 271 were drivers or their passengers, 42 were motorcyclists, 40 were pedestrians, 5 were bicyclists, and the remaining were ATV riders or farm equipment operators. More than 30,000 injuries occurred due to traffic accidents; 1,159 were described as "severe, life-altering." Driver distraction, which can include cell phone usage, texting, grooming, focusing on GPS, MP-3, CD players, radios, and other devices, or otherwise engaging in actions which take attention off the road, was the cause of 72 fatalities. Crashes in which a driver was speeding resulted in 83 fatalities.

Drunk drivers were responsible for killing 111 people in Minnesota in 2011. This is a 40 percent decrease from the number of drunk-driving deaths in 2001. While this is very good news, drunk driving still accounts for approximately one third of all the traffic fatalities in the state. More than 29,000 people were arrested for driving while intoxicated in 2011 and more than 1,200 licensed drivers in the state have ten or more DWI convictions. 41 percent of all those arrested for DWI in the state had at least one prior conviction on their record. Repeat DWI offenders continue to pose a serious safety problem for all drivers and their passengers on Minnesota roads and highways.

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Injuries and deaths resulting from negligent drivers is a common cause of personal injury and wrongful death claims in Minnesota. In the worst cases, the injured suffers catastrophic injuries from which there is no recovery. Traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord damage, loss of vision or other organs, and loss of limbs are examples. These individuals may require medical care, nursing care, or personal assistance for their rest of their lives. They may never work again or enjoy any type of independence. For them and their families, recovering legal compensation for their losses and damages is imperative.

Rob Roe Law, LLC is a personal injury firm dedicated to helping the injured and the family survivors of those lost in wrongful deaths in the greater St. Paul area. They start by thoroughly investigating your case to preserve evidence and establish the liability of those responsible. The legal team at the firm shares more than 30 years of combined experience and are skilled as trial lawyers. They prepare cases with extreme diligence and will keep you posted at every step. Contact the firm to arrange for a free case evaluation and to learn more about how the legal team can help you.

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