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Auto Accident Brain Injury - St. Louis Car Wreck Lawyer

By Christopher Hoffmann  Sep. 26, 2016 5:25p

Brain injuries can be life-altering. The longer one waits for treatment, the higher the chances of permanent damage.

Brain injuries can have a host of effects ranging from physical damage and disabilities to psychological, behavioral, emotional and cognitive damages, leading to significant changes in a person’s life. These complexities are just some of the many factors that make brain injury litigation following a car accident challenging.

With a hundred billion neurons connecting to around ten thousand other neurons, the brain is complex. While advancements in modern medicine have enabled us to understand the human brain better, understanding the brain and how it works is still in its nascent stage. There is still a lot more that needs to be understood and accomplished in a number of areas.

With such complexities, the brain is an extremely delicate organ, and any trauma can result in complicated outcomes, requiring weeks, months and years to heal. Some traumatic brain injuries do not even heal completely, causing permanent effects to the person who has been injured.

This very fact becomes critical to a brain injury case. It should be established in court that trauma caused to the plaintiff in a car accident has resulted in a brain injury.

The Silent Injury

A car accident victim may not even know that they have suffered a traumatic brain injury. Not all brain injuries show immediate symptoms like loss of consciousness or dizziness. At times, brain injuries may reveal symptoms weeks or months later. Brain injuries, mild or severe, with symptoms or without, require immediate attention and treatment to prevent permanent damage.

Timely diagnosis is also essential to establish in court that the plaintiff’s injury has caused the brain injury symptoms, whether they manifest immediately or afterwards. In brain injury cases, the link between the accident and the injury has to be made. Defense attorneys at times try to discredit the evidence and falsify brain injury symptoms. An experienced attorney can help you prove your claim.

Other Obstacles

An inexperienced doctor may not be able to detect a brain injury and fail to start treatment immediately. As a patient of a mild brain injury, a plaintiff might be unable to recognize that there is something that is not right, and that it is an outcome of the accident.

Timely recognition of symptoms, correct diagnosis, and proper treatment can ensure the best possible recovery. Also, having an experienced St. Louis auto accident lawyer can help you recover the compensation you need to move forward after an accident. Call (314) 361-4242 if you have been involved in a St. Louis car accident. Our experienced attorneys want to help!

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