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Auto Accident Involving a Manhole Cover - St. Louis Car Injury Attorney

By Christopher Hoffmann  Apr. 25, 2019 8:28a

Manholes are the sort of thing a lot of drivers ignore on the road. Most simply drive by them (or over them) without giving them much thought. However, if they are not properly secured, they can cause accidents on the road.

If you’ve suffered an accident because of a missing or unsecured manhole, you should reach out to a St. Louis auto accident lawyer. They can determine if you have a good case for getting compensated for your injuries and damages.

Who Is Liable?

Identifying the liable party is essential in any type of personal injury case. And in the case of manhole accidents, well, it depends where the accident took place. If the manhole is located on a public road, then they are generally regulated by the Missouri Department of Transportation. However, the responsibility of the manhole can belong to various different entities such as utility companies, city hall, or the owner of the property.

That means that in the event of an accident, you could potentially ask for compensation from the party legally responsible for the manhole in question.

Filling a Claim against the Liable Party

Though it may be relatively easy to identify the entity liable for damages, getting these funds are a different thing entirely. Filing a claim against a government entity, for instance, is a very difficult process. Missouri has sovereign immunity in place that protects them from liability. It’s possible to still be able to move forward with the claim if you can prove gross negligence, but even then you can expect a fight.

Moreover, there are different rules for suing or filing a claim against the government than for private entities. For instance, the deadline for bringing any legal action against them is a lot shorter.

Things are not much easier if the manhole owner is a private company or an individual, either. If the road was private, your presence there may be brought into question.

The difficulties of these manhole-caused vehicle accidents are a general indicator that you will need to hire a St. Louis car accident lawyer to help you with all the proceedings. These companies or government entities already have their own lawyers to handle any legal issues that may arise, and your chances of ever getting anywhere with your claim will suffer greatly if you choose to handle this process on your own.

Hire an Experienced Lawyer

A person injured from a manhole accident has the legal right to seek compensation for their injuries, and any other damages they may have as a result. It’s vital at this time to reach out to a St. Louis car accident attorney to help you file the claim, and build a compelling case that can potentially get you justice.

You will need sufficient evidence that proves the other party is responsible for your suffering to recover any damages.

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