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Can Lane Departure Sensors Help Prevent Accidents? - St. Louis Lawyer

By Christopher Hoffmann  Jul. 31, 2017 12:44p

One of the major causes of accidents on our roads is vehicles changing lanes improperly. Such accidents are quite common, and common reasons behind accidental lane departure are tiredness or distraction. Interestingly, the National Highway Safety Administration states that more than 70% of accidents involving a single vehicle are due to a vehicle leaving the lane improperly. Our St. Louis car accident lawyers feels that lane departure sensors can go a long way in preventing these accidents.

Lane departure sensors

These days, many modern vehicles come fitted with lane departure sensors. This can massively reduce the risk of an accident. If a person starts to drift out of their lane, there is an audible warning that will make the person aware of what is happening. Generally the warning sound will emanate from the speakers on the side where the driver is crossing the line so they can react appropriately.

A more in-depth look at these technologies


There are two types of system available. One of these is lane departure warning systems or LDW. This system literally watches the lane markings on the road and this system gives off the warning noise as the car moves out of the lane.


The other type is the lane keeping system or LKS. This also watches the lane markings, but instead of simply giving an audible warning, it is also capable of correcting the driving of the vehicle. It can basically take over, steer and reduce speed to put the vehicle back on the right track again.

The future

These technologies are relatively new, and so they are often not without their faults. It's very important not to rely on them too much as they can be affected by the weather. Rain and snow, and even bright sunlight can interfere with the cameras and sensors that work as an integral part of this system. However, automotive technologies are always improving and we should see these lane departure systems go from strength to strength over the next few years.

Drive safely!

Even though these systems are great to have, it is no substitute for common sense. It's so important to focus on our driving, keeping distractions to a minimum. In our modern world it can be easy to become distracted by our mobile phones and additionally, many cars these days come with fairly complicated screens for information, navigation and entertainment which can be distractions in themselves. It's also very important to avoid driving while tired.

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