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Insurance Company Acting in Bad Faith - St. Louis Car Accident Attorney

By Christopher Hoffmann  Jan. 26, 2016 9:43a

Car accidents can impact the life of victims in several ways. The victims can suffer a variety of injuries ranging from minor cuts and bruises to serious fractures, internal injuries, spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries and many others. Physical injuries are not the only way car accident victims suffer, they often undergo immense emotional and mental trauma. The situation is often worsened by the huge treatment and repair costs that the victim has to pay. Thankfully, insurance can take care of at least a part of the damages. However, recovering damages from insurance companies is often not as simple as you may think.

Most of you might be aware that insurance companies are in the business for profits, and not to pay policy holders. So, they leave no stone unturned to save every penny they can. To achieve this, they often attempt to diminish claims. If the insurance company is delaying your claim for no plausible reason or not committing anything about the payout, then they might be planning to make a low-ball offer hoping that you might be too intimidated or desperate to refuse their offer. For this reason, it is extremely important that you consult an experienced St. Louis car accident attorney before you accept any offer from the insurance company. This will ensure that the amount that you receive is both fair and adequate.

These are some signs that an insurance company is trying to avoid paying you due compensation.

  • They make a settlement offer too quickly: If an offer is made immediately or shortly after the accident, it is possible that the insurance company is hoping that you will quickly accept the first offer without taking into account the cost of future expenses.
  • Changing the terms of insurance policy unexpectedly: If you suspect that your insurance company has changed the terms of policy or is misrepresenting your policy, you should refer to you policy documentation.
  • Failure to justify a reduced claim value: If your insurance company is unable to explain why they have reduced the claim value, it is a sign that they are wishfully thinking that you will accept whatever offer of settlement they make.
  • Not acknowledging evidence of damages: If your insurance company is hesitant to acknowledge the evidence that you have presented explaining the expenses you have incurred after the car accident, then it is possible that they are trying to reduce the value of claim.
  • They are trying to pressure you: It is not uncommon that the insurance companies use intimidation tactics to pressure you into settling the claim quickly.

If you have been injured in a St. Louis car accident, call The Hoffmann Law Firm, L.L.C. at (314) 361-4242 to speak with an experienced attorney for free.

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