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Steering Wheel Injuries in Auto Crashes - St. Louis Attorneys

By Christopher Hoffmann  Aug. 14, 2017 6:47a

Drivers should sit in a proper position and at a suitable distance from the steering wheel in order to drive safely. Airbags are meant to be a security measure, however if a driver sits in the wrong position they may cause injury in the event of a crash. So for the sake of safety it is recommended that a driver should sit in such a way that the steering wheel is at a minimum distance of 10 inches from the chest.

How Can An Airbag Cause Injury?

Airbags are supposed to be lifesavers. But they can be lethal for drivers who do not sit at an appropriate distance from the steering wheel. An airbag generates a force of two thousand pounds at a speed of more than 200 mph. So if the driver is sitting too close to the steering wheel an airbag can cause severe injuries at the time of a collision, which may even be fatal.

Reasons For Sitting Too Close To The Steering Wheel

Usually, short people, women, and the elderly people tend to sit too close to the steering. Their height restricts their vision. Sitting forward helps them to see the road better and to reach all the controls like the brakes and the pedals more conveniently.

Safety Tips For Women And Short People

It is advisable to sit in a proper position and allow the vehicle's safety mechanisms to protect you instead of putting yourself in danger.

  • Tilt the steering wheel downwards: Make adjustments so that the steering wheel points towards your breastbone instead of pointing to your neck or head.

  • Shift the seat backwards: Push the seat as far back as possible. It should be convenient enough for you to reach the pedals and the steering wheel should be at a minimum distance of about 10 inches.

  • Slightly recline the back part of the seat: After moving the seat back, if you are too close to the steering, recline the back part of the seat. If you are not able to see the road while sitting in this position, put a firm cushion on the seat in order to raise yourself. After all this, if you are still too close to the steering you may consider using pedal extenders.

  • Place your hands in the 9 o'clock or 3 o'clock position on the steering wheel: Keep your hands on the opposite sides of the steering. This is a comfortable and stable position and helps to keep your hands away from the airbag. Avoid putting one hand over the other at the time of turning the vehicle so that your arms are not in front of the airbag in case of an accident.

  • Don't forget to wear your seat belt: Wear your seat belt in such a way that the shoulder strap is positioned against the chest and not the neck or under the arm. The lower strap ought to be snugly fitted across the hips.

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