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The Dangers of a Broadside Collision - St. Louis Auto Injury Lawyer

By Christohper Hoffmann  Jul. 10, 2017 2:13p

Safety equipment like seat belts and airbags are meant to protect the vehicle occupants from serious injury that can take place in an auto accident. Moreover it is essential that this safety equipment is tested for functionality before the car is out in the market for sale. This responsibility lies with the manufacturer.

Broadside collisions

A broadside collision or a side impact collision is often considered more dangerous than a head-on collision. This is because technically, in a frontal collision there is more space between the occupant and the front of the car and between the occupant and the side of the car.

Our St. Louis car crash lawyer explains that the force of the impact in a head-on collision is first absorbed by the metal and body of the car. However, in side impact collision, the less space indicates that the occupant gets hit with more force and can sustain severe injuries or even death.

Ensuring proper functioning of safety equipment

In 2010, a Missouri woman lost her life in a single car broadside collision in a Ford. Case investigations revealed that the functionality testing of the side airbags was inadequate. The side airbags were checked for deployment only when the car was hit on the side at a 90 degree angle.

A collision can take place anywhere on the side. Hence, a side air bag should deploy on impact and not depend on where the impact has taken place. However, what they found was that the side airbag in the vehicle did not deploy, as the impact of the collision was on the B pillar of the car that is located in the frame right behind the front seats.

The lady suffered severe head trauma, did not survive, and Ford Motor Company had to settle a claim against them.

The importance of thorough checks

If an automobile part or component does not function as intended, and is the cause of an accident that leads to injury or death one can hold the manufacturing company liable for the accident and stake a claim against it.

Types of safety airbags

In 2008, like front airbags, including side airbags in all new vehicles was made mandatory. This has shown a reduction of 30 percent in fatalities caused in a broadside collision.

A vehicle owner can also opt for adding extra protection. Chest airbags are typically installed in the seat or the door of the vehicle and protect the chest from injury, whereas head airbags protect the occupant from sustaining severe head injuries.

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