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Why You Shouldn't Choose an Attorney Based Solely on Advertising

By Christopher Hoffmann  Oct. 12, 2015 11:33a

Hiring an attorney for your St. Louis auto accident case based solely on advertising is generally a bad idea. Consider the fact that most of the commercials that you see on TV are paid ads by referral services. They normally get a large number of calls, and then they divide the leads among all member lawyers.

Most legal experts would agree that the worst possible way to hire an attorney is to call the first attorney you see in a TV commercial. The simple fact that the lawyer can afford a TV commercial does not make him any better than the other injury lawyers. Today, consumers are flooded with lawyer commercials in TV, newspaper, and radio commercials, and choosing the best one from the lot can be difficult especially when each of the lawyers is making big claims and tall promises. It is difficult to make a sane decision based on these boisterous TV commercials.

When lawyers make statements such as "We will get you the best possible compensation for your injury" or "Call up the best lawyer in St. Louis" they are usually showing their desperation to win clients. However, most of these commercials are downright annoying and misleading, and should not be treated any better than that. After all, you are not buying a pack of cereal based on the commercial; you are handing over your injury case in the hands of someone who you just saw in a TV commercial. The stakes are high and you need much more information about the lawyer than you get in a commercial.

An important thing to recognize is that not all lawyers practice trial law, even though they may make tall claims in their TV commercials. They may experiment with your case, and if they cannot reach a settlement, they'll refer the case to another trial lawyer, and charge a referral fee, which is usually a percentage of the total legal fee that the other lawyer will charge. So, even though they earn their share of the income, the clients are left struggling with different lawyers, often without much success.

The bottom line is that hiring a lawyer based on a TV commercial can be detrimental to your case. If you need a good St. Louis injury attorney, you need to do research before making a choice instead of hiring the first lawyer you see in a TV commercial. Get all the relevant details about attorneys and check whether the lawyer has experience with your particular kind of case.

Remember, hiring a St Louis injury attorney is a very big decision and it should be based on the lawyer's credentials and experience. Not on what he claims in a TV commercial.

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