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7 Safe Driving Apps - Chicago Car Accident Attorney

By Matthew Willens  Dec. 13, 2016 8:42a

Smartphones have revolutionized our lives, includiong our driving. There are a wide variety of driving related apps available that can do everything from helping you find a gas station or parking space to ensuring that you get your car repaired at a fair price. In this post, about car accidents in IL we list some driving apps that can help you save time and money. While these apps may prove useful, please remember not to use your smartphone while behind the wheel. Distracted driving is a widespread problem, and is responsible for almost 430,000 injuries each year.

Accidents and roadside assistance

AAA Mobile

This app can be used to get roadside assistance. It is a travel guide, and highlights the best destinations nearby. It is particularly useful on road trips when you are looking for a little adventure or nice rest shop. AAA Mobile is a free app and is available on Android and iOS.

Finding a gas station near you


It is a free iOS app that allows you to find gas stations where you can get the cheapest gas. All you need to do is enter your location, and it will give you a list of gas prices in your area.


This one is for electric car drivers as well. The app located places where you can charge your vehicles. This app has mapped out more than 40,000 charging stations across the world. PlugShare is free and is available on Android and iOS.


Find My Car

Has it ever happened to you that you forgot the spot where you parked your car? If yes, this app is for you. Find My Car relied on GPS and internet connectivity to help you find your car when you can’t find it. The app is free and is available on Android and iOS.


Finding a parking spot can get really difficult and frustrating. Thankfully, Parkopedia is there to make your life simple. It is an encyclopedia of more than 25 million parking spots in almost 30 counties. You need to pay just $1.99 to get this app. It is available on iOS.

Vehicle Performance and Maintenance


The app allows you to measure your car’s efficiency. It provides measurements on vehicle performance metrics such as engine laod value, engine RPMs, fuel economy and engine coolant temperature. It is a free app and is available on iOS.


You no longer need to hop different repair shops to get estimates. This app provides you a reference for how much parts and labor should be for the repair job. RepairPal provides fair estimates on repair work, and will even refer some shops in the area. It is a free app available on Android and iOS.

Seeking legal help after a car accident

If you have been in an accident, you should get in touch with qualified car accident lawyer Matthew Willens lawyer to learn more about your legal right to compensation.

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