Willens Law Offices Articles Three Types of Disabilities After Chicago Auto Accidents

Three Types of Disabilities After Chicago Auto Accidents

By Matthew Willens  Oct. 21, 2015 1:22p

A car accident injury can leave a person disabled, affecting school, work, and the enjoyment of life.

Car accidents can cause a wide range of injuries ranging from minor bruises and sprains to serious injuries that can have a severe impact on your life. Even seemingly minor injuries, such as a leg fracture, can leave a person disabled for a long time. If you have been injured in a car accident and have suffered these losses, you can make a claim against the party at fault. When filing a car accident claim for damages, take into account any disabilities you have suffered and the value of that disability. There are three types of disabilities and each has its own potential value in a car accident settlement.

Temporary Disability

This is the most common disability arising from a car accident. The different injuries that can cause a temporary disability include broken bones, minor whiplash, and strained muscles. These injuries can leave you impaired for a short time and they heal completely. However, these injuries can limit you at work and you may have to take time off from your work to recover. A car accident claim for temporary disability should include lost wages for the recovery period.

Partial Disability

This results in a long-term disability and hinders your personal and work life, but does not keep you from performing regular activities. For example, a torn rotator cuff injury can cause partial disability, leaving a person unable to lift heavy objects. If a person’s job requires lifting heavy objects, he or she may have to choose a different role or job. Partial disability may even lead to a loss of income. An injured person can claim loss of income whether it is permanent or temporary. For example, if the person had to settle for a low paying job after the injury, the difference in income should be reflected in the claim.

Permanent Disability

Permanent disability is severe and causes permanent impact on the victim’s life. Severe injuries such as spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injury, and amputations can cause permanent disability and render a person completely unable to work. The person’s life changes completely and a settlement should include the cost of lifelong medical care needed and loss of income.

Chicago Car Accident Lawyer

If your car accident injuries have left you disabled, seek legal help from a Chicago car accident lawyer from Willens Law Offices. In such cases, it is often difficult to arrive at a fair settlement value. We will safeguard your rights and help you get the rightful compensation. Call us at (312) 957-4166 for a free case evaluation.

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