The Hoffmann Law Firm, L.L.C. Articles Are Wealthy People Worse Drivers? - St. Louis Car Wreck Lawyers

Are Wealthy People Worse Drivers? - St. Louis Car Wreck Lawyers

By Christopher Hoffmann  Jun. 8, 2017 2:03p

Who would you think are the most aggressive drivers? The richest people or the poorest? You most likely come to the conclusion that no matter how much or how little money you have, everyone is equally as likely to be a bad driver, or an aggressive driver. However, recent studies have shown that in fact, the richest drivers may be the ones most likely to drive aggressively and without due care and attention. In this post, St. Louis accident lawyer will discuss the results of this study.

The evidence

Studies conducted by the University of Delaware and the University of San Diego reach similar conclusions. It has been found that people driving expensive cars are less likely to stop the vehicle when someone is crossing the road in front of them than people driving cheaper cars. Those who drive luxury cars were found to be more likely to cut off other motorists.

There has yet to be any further research into the psychological aspect of this, to determine why this would be. Do richer people feel more entitled to rule the road? Do they somehow feel they are more important? Or perhaps because they have such an expensive car they feel they are safer in it with all the latest safety features, so they can drive however they like and take risks?

It's simply not worth the risk

It doesn't matter how much money you have, or how expensive the car is you drive, getting involved in a car crash can ruin, or even end your life. You could be killed, you could be left with life changing injuries, or you could kill or injure someone else and be left to deal with that both financially and emotionally. If you survive an accident, but it is found that you caused it, you are highly likely to be sued for compensation.

The worst can happen

Having a wrongful death suit filed against you is something you never want to happen. Anyone who loses their loved one due to your negligence or aggressive driving will ensure that you have to pay for your failure to drive responsibly.

Why not take heed of the results of these studies and learn from them before something terrible happens and it's too late. Curb your aggressive driving techniques, pay attention to the road and be courteous to other drivers and also to cyclists and pedestrians. A calm driving style could save your life and the lives of others, it will also reduce your stress levels lowering your risks of heart attack or stroke. Stress is a major killer that is often underrated. Anything we can do to lower our stress levels and keep our blood pressure down is a good thing.

If you have been injured in an accident caused by an aggressive driver, you should seek legal help from an experienced St. Louis auto accident attorney at The Hoffmann Law Firm, L.L.C.

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