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I was waiting at a stop light when a woman rear ended me, can I file an injury lawsuit?

I am a truck driver for a small business, and as I was sitting at a stop light when a woman rear-ended my truck small truck. She claims that she ...
answered by Frank Walker Law View answers »

My teenage son was killed in a DUI accident, can I sue for wrongful death?

Last year my son and his friends were out acting like teenage boys, and apparently when they were driving around town my sons friend, the only one old ...
answered by Shea & Shea View answers »

I was t-boned when driving through an intersection, can I sue for my injuries?

A month ago I was driving home from the gym when a car ran a red light and t-boned me. Thankfully there were no life threatening injuries, but I still ...
answered by David A. Zipfel & Associates, LLC View answers »

I backed into another car as he was backing up as well. Who is at fault?

I was backing up in parking lot when I struck a car who was backing up at the same time. Technically, we were both at fault for the accident because ...
answered by Klemick & Gampel View answers »

What if I accidentally rear-ended someone but it wasn't my fault?

I rear-ended another car, but it wouldn't have happened if my tire didn't blow out as I was trying to stop and hit a pothole. Is it still considered ...
answered by Knowles Law Firm, PLC View answers »