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Graduation Safety Tips - Auto Crash Injury Lawyer St. Louis

By Christopher Hoffmann  Jun. 10, 2016 1:36p

Car accidents can happen anytime, anywhere. However, they are more likely to occur when there are more people on the road, drivers are in a festive mood, or they are in a rush to reach somewhere. With graduation season approaching, young people are likely to hit the road happy as ever, and this can lead to auto accidents. It is extremely important that students understand how to have fun, and stay safe at the same time.

Our St. Louis auto crash injury lawyer believes that graduations are certainly an exciting time and calls for celebration, however, with all the excitement and innumerable graduation parties across the state, there comes several risks. Students are often found to be driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. This means an increased risk of car accidents.

According to CNN, the 100 day time period between Memorial Day and Labor Day is the most dangerous for teen drivers, and this is the time period when graduation celebrations often take place. Teens attend graduation parties, and often drive with friends. This puts all of them at a high risk of accidents.

According to the National Safety Council (NSC), a teen driver’s chances of being involved in a fatal car accident are 48 percent higher when they have at least one passenger in the vehicle with them. Parents can play a crucial role in preventing these accidentsby staying actively involved in what their teen children are doing and encourage open communication. Also, the teens should be made aware that their actions can have serious consequences and they must act responsibly no matter how excited they are.

Parents should follow these graduation safety tips to keep their teen children safe:

1. Ensure adult supervision at each party or celebration your child attends.
2. Designate a driver to drive your child to and from the graduation party.
3. The child should know that you will pick them up whenever they require, under any circumstances
4. Stay in touch with the child when they are out
5. Set rules for your child, and be very clear that they need to follow them under all circumstances

Graduation Safety Tips For Teens:

1. Do not drink and drive. Don’t even get in the car with someone who is drunk or under influence of drugs

2. Learn to say “no” to things you are uncomfortable with, such as having a drink when you don’t want to

3. Be responsible.

4. Never be afraid to call your parents or another adult you can trust

Graduation is probably one of the most memorable times in a student’s life. By following these safety tips you can stay safe and still enjoy your important day. If you get into an accident with a drunk, distracted, or careless teen, you should speak with an experienced automobile accident attorney in St. Louis to ensure your legal right to compensation is protected.

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