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Insurance Companies & Faulty Car Repair Practices - St. Louis Auto Accident Lawyer

By Christopher Hoffmann  May. 15, 2017 12:55p

Auto Insurance Companies are meant to take the financial load off our shoulders when an accident occurs. However, it becomes overwhelming when you have to deal with a deceitful insurance company and struggle to make them pay your claims. Some insurance companies have been known to stress auto repair companies to use poor quality parts when fixing their insured vehicles.

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There are almost 500 garages in over 36 states of United States that have joined forces against such insurance companies. The the largest insurance company in America, is involved in a lawsuit for allegedly promoting the use of poor quality parts for the vehicles, which can cause further accidents. Also, it has come to light that the parts that are used may not even manufactured from a renowned brands but are recycled and pose great threat to the customer’s life. The company is however denying all the claims against them. They further mentioned that they give complete liberty to the customers to take their vehicle to whichever repair shop they want whereas in reality, they completely deny paying for the parts that are expensive.

Faulty Car Repair Practices

Here are some of the faulty practices that insurance companies make repair shops do-

  • Use of glue to hold together headlights

  • Dented rims replaced by old rims

  • Use of rusty parts

  • Use of cheap quality windshields

The insurance industry is one of the biggest money making industries worldwide, and their biggest goal is to make money for the shareholders, and not to protect the financial interests of the consumers.

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Ways To Ensure That Your Car is Fixed in Right Way

Here are some measures that customers can take in order to ensure that their vehicle has been serviced properly and all necessary repairs have been made.

  • Take a very good look at the auto insurance policy document before paying for it. Read the document carefully and see what all parts they are willing to cover in event of a motor vehicle accident.

  • Conduct good research on the auto repair shops where your car can possibly go for repairs. You may consult a friend who has already availed their services.

  • Take your vehicle to more than one repair shop to get an idea about the damage and expected expenses.

  • Review your automobile carefully after the repairs have been made by the auto shop and ask questions about the parts used.

The insurance company will leave no stone unturned to save money. It is in your best interests to consult with a St. Louis car accident lawyer who can ensure that your rights are protected.

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