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Liability in Taxi Accidents in Chicago

By Matthew Willens  Jun. 2, 2016 1:50p

In United States, there are over 200,000 licensed taxicab drivers. They have the duty to safely transport passengers to their destinations, and are held to a higher standard compared to other drivers on the road. Taxicab drivers are expected to be familiar with the state driving laws and have the skill and experience to efficiently and carefully transport their passengers from one point to another. However, many taxicab drivers fail to adhere to these standards, because in order to pick up more fares they tend to flout rules and drive dangerously. This often leads to many Chicago taxicab accidents, and results in injuries and deaths of unsuspecting victims.

Common victims of taxicab accidents

When taxicab drivers drive dangerously, they do not just put their life at risk, but also that of others. Some common victims of cab accidents include:

Pedestrians: It is not uncommon for cab drivers to speed through stoplights at the last minute. Sometimes, they are not able to make it through the intersection before the red light turns red. This may put pedestrians at risk, because when it happens, the pedestrians crossing their way may have begun walking. At this point, the chances of an accident are quite high especially if the driver is not paying attention.

Passengers: It is the responsibility of the driver to ensure the safety of pedestrians, and help them reach their destination. Whenever there is a taxicab accident involving another vehicle, the passengers are often the first victims. The passengers often suffer injuries, and even fatalities.

Bicyclists and motorcyclists: In many cities including Chicago, there are numerous motorcycles and bicycles sharing the road with vehicles. Whenever a cab driver changes lanes dangerously or runs a stop light, the bicyclists and motorcyclists can become the victim of a crash.

Other drivers: Other cars that share the road with cabs driving dangerously are at risk of an automobile crash. The other drivers and their passengers may suffer injuries ranging from minor to severe.

Liability in tax cab accidents

Whenever there is a taxicab accident, and someone gets injured, there may be many parties involved. The victim may be able to draw a claim from multiple sources depending on the circumstances of the case. The cab medallion holders have their insurance, which in most cases is separate from the company they drive for. Also, if there is another driver at fault, his/her insurance may also be a potential source of compensation.

It is important to note that most cab drivers are independent contractors. So, they are separate legal entities. For this reason, the cab companies often contend that the liability for the accident and hence, the claim should be limited to the cab driver’s policy. Often, this makes it difficult for the victim to get full compensation for their injuries and losses. In order to navigate these complexities, and get full compensation for your injuries, the assistance of an experienced Chicago car accident lawyer can benefit your claim greatly.

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