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Hit by a Driving During Work - St. Louis Work Injury Lawyer

By James Hoffmann  May. 30, 2019 1:03p

A lot of people these days spend the majority of their time at work or commuting to and from their workplaces. Many jobs require them to move between different locations, whether they are working in sales or as distributors. That exposes workers to possible accidents while they are out on the streets, whether on duty or just commuting to their work and vice versa.

If you get involved in a car accident during working hours and are thinking about filing for workers compensation, then you need to be aware of the conditions you need to meet. Your St. Louis workers compensation lawyer will certainly explain them to you, but here is a quick overview.

Receiving workers compensation for a car accident depends a lot on what you were doing at the time of the crash. Generally, if the accident took place during your work schedule then you may be compensated by your employer. But you have to be aware of the conditions you have to meet according to the law.

Personal Compensation Claim

If you suffered injuries following an accident caused by another person, even if it didn't happen during your work schedule or as a consequence of your work attributions, you can file for a personal injury claim. The difference between it and a workers compensation is that you can get paid for a wider range of expenses through a personal claim.

For example, you won't receive compensation for emotional or mental damage following an accident setlled through a workers compensation claim.

Workers Compensation Claim

If the accident happened during your work schedule, while performing a work-related task, then your employer's insurance company should cover the treatment and missed work days following the incident. If you are paid for the time spent from home to work and vice versa, having an accident during your commute should also be covered by the insurance. Otherwise, you would have to prove that you were doing a work-related task when getting hurt, like picking up supplies on your way there, or something similar.

The circumstances of the accident have a lot to say as well as how well you build your case. It is best to employ a St. Louis work injury lawyer who has experience with such cases to get most of the damage compensated. Speak with an experienced attorney 24/7 at (314) 361-4300 for a FREE case evaluation.

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