Willens Law Offices Articles Car Accident While Pregnant - Fetal Deaths Caused by Accident

Car Accident While Pregnant - Fetal Deaths Caused by Accident

By Matthew Willens  Sep. 1, 2015 11:14a

There is nothing more exciting and precious than welcoming a new child into the family. It is the most joyful time in the parents’ life and is also filled with fears and apprehensions about the safety of the soon-to-be born child. However, when something as cruel as a car accident takes away this precious life, the parents are often left grief-stricken for life. According to a study published by the American Medical Association, auto accidents are the leading cause of fetal deaths caused by maternal trauma.

How Motor Vehicle Accidents Can Impact Pregnancy

Every year close to 79,000 fetal deaths are caused by motor vehicle accidents across the nation and almost double the number of infants get killed in such accidents. Pregnant women who get injured in auto accidents often go through immediate miscarriage or may suffer from other complications that can cause the death of the fetus. Accident injuries can pose serious risk to the health and safety of both the mother and the unborn child. Here are some risks associated with maternal trauma caused by auto accidents:

  • Premature labor: Auto accident trauma may induce contractions and lead to premature labor. Pre term or premature babies are at a high risk of neurological disorders and infant mortality.

  • Placenta abruption: The impact of an auto accident can cause the placenta to break loose from the wall of the uterus and lead to complications such as preterm labor, internal bleeding and fetal death. Over 80 percent of fetal deaths from motor vehicle accidents are caused by placenta abruption.

  • Fetal distress: Fetal distress is a major risk associated with pregnancy even if the accident trauma was minor and the mother suffered only minor injuries. Studies have shown that mothers who have been in auto accidents are at an increased risk of suffering complications such as preterm births, placental abruptions and low birth weights even if the injuries were minor or there were no injuries at all.

Even if there are no immediate injuries and the mother and unborn child are doing fine after the accident, it is possible for the complications to arise as the pregnancy progresses.

Fetal Death and Your Legal Rights

In Illinois, a fetus is recognised as a person after 24 weeks gestation, which means the parents can file a wrongful death claim in case of fetal death in a car accident.

Loss of an unborn child is a tragedy that any parent could have to face. It is impossible to put a dollar value to an unborn life, but it is important to make the negligent person pay for all the financial losses, and mental, and emotional trauma that has been caused by the accident and resulting fetal death.

It is important for the parents to get in touch with Willens accident attorneys who can handle their case with compassion and care. At Willens Law Office, we genuinely care about what a parent goes through after such a tragedy. We handle all cases will care, while fighting to get you the justice you deserve.

Call (312) 957-4166 to schedule a free consultation with one of our expereinced Chicago injury lawyers.

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