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The Law Office of Guerra & Farah, PLLC is proud to serve the residents of McAllen and the surrounding areas of Texas. The attorneys of the firm have over 30 years of combined experience that they can put to work for you. If you or a loved one is the victim of a car accident due to the negligence of another individual, now is the time get the representation you deserve. The McAllen firm can help you begin your case with a free initial consultation and steer you in the direction towards getting the compensation you need to pay for the medical and nonmedical costs involved. Being a car accident victim is already traumatic enough; the last thing you should have to worry about is going through the legal processes alone.

Whether the negligent driver was drinking, texting, distracted or being completely reckless, you should not have to be in charge of paying for the expenses involved. A McAllen car accident attorney can provide you with the representation you need to file a proper claim and help you get the money you need to pay for your medical expenses, loss of income during recovery time, car expenses and physical/mental therapy session costs. The Law Office of Guerra & Farah can offer their experience needed to effectively handle your car accident case in McAllen, Texas.

No matter how mild or severe the damages and injuries were, it is always important to speak with a personal injury lawyer. By talking with an expert, you can better understand the situation and identify the options that are available to you. In addition to a free case evaluation, the firm is proud to offer bilingual services to the Spanish speaking clients of theirs. If you or a loved one is a car accident victim due to the negligence of another, now is the time to begin your case today and get the compensation you are entitled to.

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