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We're Your Ace of Spades- Conviction + Creativity - Tradition
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We're Your Ace of Spades- Conviction + Creativity - Tradition

At opening, my top priority was having prices lower than my competitors and a more client-centered approach than my competition. I had also never managed a business before, and these policies threatened to put me out of business before I could establish myself. Today, I have more traditional rates, but I have still saved room for a healthy dose of pro bono representation and charitable donations.

Even with the price increase, I am proud to say that JPLaw still donates 10% of all profits to either the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention or the Brain and Behavior Research Foundation. I didn't want to stop there, so I pledge on behalf of my company that 1 out of every 10 clients will be an indigent client who I represent on a pro bono basis.

I now have three traditional pricing plans. I have eliminated the payment plan as not being economically viable for a new business. The difference between the 3 plans has to do with how much of a retainer you can afford. The higher the retainer, the more secure I feel that I will get my promised money, and I will be willing to charge less per hour. If you are unable to put down a retainer, I will charge a high hourly rate because I have no payment security.

Jackson Phillips, Esquire, is an old fashioned general-practice

I am excited to introduce our new mega consultation for a bargain price of $100, payable by cash, credit card, or check at the consultation. This is more than the half-assed consultation many attorneys give. For one thing, I show up at your house 1 week before the mega consultation and I take copies of all papers you own concerning the case and then go to the courthouse for the rest. I spend as much as 5 or 6 hours during the week reading about your case so that when I walk in the door for the 2-hour mega consultation, we see eye to eye and speak each other's languages.

The mega consultation includes a specific reminder about the respective roles of the attorney and the client, a course on social media best practices, the identification of every form and information request that will appear in the case, and I help the client get started. I also show the client the expectations map so they can see exactly how the case is likely to proceed. Finally, I go over my retainers in great depth and answer questions. A client really is way ahead of the pack if she is armed with a mega consultation.

My 3 pricing plans are this:

Pay a replenishing Retainer of $4,000 and the case will be billed at $75.00

Pay a replenishing Retainer of $2,000 and the case will be billed at $125.00

Pay a replenishing Retainer of $1,000 and the case will be billed at $175.00

Under no circumstances will we work an hour that has not been prepaid. All clients are encouraged to take the first deal as it is the best deal we know of in the Tri-State area.

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Jackson Phillips, Esquire was only permitted to become an attorney after of years of pleading for admission. His past was a hair's breadth from permanent disqualification. If you meet him, he will ... read more »
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