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Have you been injured in a car accident of any kind? If so, it is imperative that you take immediate action to secure the help you need. Come to McCoy & McCoy law firm, where you can rest assured that your case will receive care and attention from a knowledgeable and dedicated New Haven car accident lawyer. Attorney McCoy has vast experience in the field, having served clients for 20 years. He understands the immense pain and hardship you are going through and wants to help you through this time as swiftly and seamlessly as possible. The physical pain that often accompanies auto accidents can be immense, and the emotional trauma, exhausting. Furthermore, the financial burden that results from such accidents can be overwhelming. If you have found yourself in this situation, there is hope for you! Attorney McCoy will come to your assistance and fight tirelessly on your behalf in pursuit of your just compensation. He has experience with rear-end accidents and head-on collisions. He has dealt with T-bone accidents and rollover accidents. What's more, if you have been injured in a bus accident or a truck accident, Attorney McCoy will support you. He has assisted clients who have been harmed in motorcycle accidents and bicycle accidents, as well as pedestrian accidents. Drunk driving accidents can result in horrific damages and injuries. If you have been in this situation, it is absolutely critical that you are proactive for your future and seek out the help of a lawyer you can count on. Attorney McCoy is up to the task. He has dealt with many serious injuries and understands not only the gravity of the situation, but also how to effectively and efficiently fight for you and the resolution that is in your best interests. He can help you with property damage claims and support you if you lost a lost one due to wrongful death. Do not wait any longer to secure the help you need: Contact Attorney McCoy today.

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