Arnold & Itkin LLP Articles Auto Parts Store Truck involved in Bicycle Accident

Auto Parts Store Truck involved in Bicycle Accident

By Arnold & Itkin, LLP  Sep. 19, 2012 11:30a

The driver of an auto parts store delivery truck was taken into custody on a separate matter after hitting a young cyclist. A 10-year-old boy was riding his bike on a Houston street in the late afternoon when the collision occurred. A witness reported that she saw the commercial truck going up to 45 mph on the street. The boy was crossing the street at an intersection when the truck hit him. The witness said that the driver tried to stop but was unable to bring the vehicle to a halt in time. Police and EMTs were called and arrived quickly to help the little boy. He was first treated in the ambulance for head injuries but it was determined that he should be flown to a Houston hospital. Emergency rescue workers made way for the medical hospital to land near where the accident happened and the boy was transferred and flown out for treatment. The driver of the truck, M.H., was taken into custody for an outstanding warrant unrelated to the accident. Investigation into the crash is ongoing to determine if speeding or other factors on the driver's behalf were involved. If a truck driver's negligence resulted in you getting hurt in a crash then begin working with a trucking accident lawyer as soon as possible.

Investigating a Trucking Accident

As with any injury accident, it is important to investigate the location of the accident and any vehicles or machinery involved right away after the victims have been cared for. A trucking accident requires knowledgeable investigators who know what to look for and what to follow up on. A review of maintenance records on the truck or the trucking company may be in order. It is also important that the scene of the crash is thoroughly inventoried and any witness statements taken. Then, of course, is an inspection of the truck itself and any other factors involved. Obtaining all information possible is key to ensuring your case goes the way you need it to.

Trucking Accident Attorney in Houston

Contact a skilled trucking accident attorney on our team at Arnold & Itkin today to discuss your case and what may be done to obtain financial damages related to the crash. Truck drivers have a responsibility to operate their large vehicles safely on roads shared by much smaller passenger cars, motorcycles and bicycles. Make sure your rights are protected when a trucker causes an injury accident!

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