Lenahan Law Firm Articles Man Hit by Car while Trying to Call 911

Man Hit by Car while Trying to Call 911

By Lenahan Law Firm  Sep. 25, 2012 11:38a

35-year-old K.C. had already been involved in an accident when another car rear-ended his on Interstate 45 in Dallas on a recent Saturday evening. He was trying to contact 911 because one of his passengers had been hurt by the impact. He couldn't get through to 911 so he stepped out of his car and tried to get the help of a passing motorist. It was at this point that a vehicle struck him and then left the scene. He suffered a broken arm and severe contusions (bruising) to his leg. A nurse driving near the accident scene stopped to render aid and was able to get through to 911. Police and paramedics arrived and took K.C. and his injured passenger to the hospital where they were listed in stable condition. A car accident attorney may be able to help you obtain compensation if you were the victim of an injury accident caused by someone else.

Unfortunately, Dallas is no stranger to a variety of serious car accidents involving injury such as rear-end collisions as well as hit and runs. With our city's vast network of interstate and local highways and other roadways wrecks are practically bound to happen. The majority of car crashes causing injury could have been avoided in most cases. Texting while driving, drunk drivers, speeding, aggressive maneuvers through traffic and other negligence can cause severe collisions that can result in serious injury or fatality. When somebody is reckless, inattentive or otherwise negligent and causes harm to others he or she should be held responsible and legally required to be liable for all damages that result.

Car Accident Lawyer Representing Dallas

Our legal team at the law offices of the Lenahan Law Firm includes talented, dedicated attorneys who work aggressively to get the results our clients need after a car accident. We have obtained substantial compensation on our client's behalf in a variety of auto crash cases including rear-end crashes, head on collisions, rollover accidents, side impact collisions, SUV accidents, taxi accidents, reckless driving accidents, drunk driving injury accidents, vehicular manslaughter, tire defect accidents and many more. Please contact our firm as soon as possible to schedule an initial consultation to discuss your specific case. We may be able to get financial damages for you to cover all medical bills, pain, suffering, loss of earnings, loss of earning potential and more.

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