My teenage son was killed in a DUI accident, can I sue for wrongful death?

Last year my son and his friends were out acting like teenage boys, and apparently when they were driving around town my sons friend, the only one old enough to consume alcohol legally, was driving them around. They were driving around town when the driver lost control of the car and crashed into the center median on the freeway. After driving at already high speeds, when they hit the median the car flipped and sent my son flying out of the car, the police say he was the only one who wasn't wearing his seat belt. Everyone was taken immediately to the hospital for treatments, a lot of broken bones and severe, though not life threatening injuries. Except for my son. He died while they were on their way to the hospital due to internal bleeding. I know my son’s friend never wanted him to die, but he did and I want to sue him for wrongful death, is that possible?

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Sadly, car accidents can happen for a number of reasons, drunk driving accidents being among the most common. At this point we don’t know what the outcome of the case was, and what the driver was convicted of, though it is likely that it was along the line of DUI vehicular manslaughter. Depending on the specific state you live in determines the specific penalties for these sorts of situations. However, whatever state you live in, you have the right to pursue a wrongful death claim if the accident is believed to be a direct result to the actions of the driver. For example, a personal injury attorney could argue that as a legal adult, it was his responsibility to not only not give alcohol to minors, but to also not get behind the wheel and drive them. Negligence among other details can be used to help your family fight for financial compensation after the loss of your son. Call an attorney today to discuss the details of your case.

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