I was waiting at a stop light when a woman rear ended me, can I file an injury lawsuit?

I am a truck driver for a small business, and as I was sitting at a stop light when a woman rear-ended my truck small truck. She claims that she looked down to pick up her coffee when she hit my car, because she didn't noticed the light ahead was red. Everything worked out fine with car insurance but I have a sharp pain that continues to shoot down my spine since the accident. At the jolt of the impact i also knocked my head on the steering wheel and have been dealing with a headache as well. Should I sue for personal injury?

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There are a lot of reasons that can cause a car accident, and in many situations it involves a simple act of neglect ton behalf of a driver. In your case her coffee caused her to not be aware that a stop light was ahead, including your truck sitting in front of her. There are when a person is involved in a car accident, depending on the impact of the crash many injuries can be a result. While it appears of though you did not have to go to the hospital upon the crash, you may still be experiencing the side effects of the impact. As a result you have the right to pursue legal action and receive the compensation you deserve for the accident. It is absolutely possible that she hoped for no harm on your truck, and yet because of the accident you know are experiencing a lot of pain. If you are at all concerned that your back and head pains are a direct correlation to your accident, contact a personal injury attorney today to determine if you want to take legal action. As with all cases, there are going to be a lot more details to the situation that were not described here, and therefore talking through everything with your attorney will give you a good idea as to whether you should pursue a lawsuit or not.

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