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Why should you consider Cranston & Edwards, PLLC to handle your Morgantown car accident case? At our firm, you will find professional counsel and personal attention. This combination enables you to experience greater peace of mind as we remain in close contact with you throughout the process, while we use our legal knowledge to seek the most advantageous result. We have the resources to represent car accident victims in Morgantown and the surrounding areas in West Virginia.

At Cranston & Edwards, PLLC, we can help clients throughout Morgantown as well as in Morgantown, where our offices are located. In addition to serving clients in these areas, we can offer legal counsel to car accident victims throughout West Virginia.

If you were involved in an auto accident and would like to meet with a professional at our offices to discuss your case, we can assist you over the phone or in person. You can come to our offices, which are located at 1200 Dorsey Avenue Suite 2, Morgantown, WV, 26501. We may also be able to come to where you are located, if this is easier. Because you may have been seriously injured, we do not wish to put any additional strain on you or your family.

Click here for driving directions from Morgantown or wherever you are located, to our office. You can also call us at (304) 296-3500 to talk about the incident and how we may be able to help.

You can visit our website or can call us at (304) 296-3500 to find out how we can help with your car accident case in Morgantown, West Virginia. We look forward to assisting you – contact us today.

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