Lenahan Law Firm Articles Elementary School Teacher Slain In Horrific Car Crash

Elementary School Teacher Slain In Horrific Car Crash

By Lenahan Law Firm  Sep. 2, 2011 8:15p

Automobile Suffers Malfunction On Dallas Highway, Collides With Tree

A teacher at a local elementary school tragically lost her life when her vehicle suffered a minor explosion in mid-operation, crashing into a tree and killing the driver.

Law enforcement agents with the Highway Patrol have impounded the vehicle, keeping it away from prying eyes while they conduct an investigation into the incident. From the details in the initial report filed shortly after the accident, however, several key facts can be gleaned.

The driver was a 27-year old teacher at Carr Elementary School in Dallas. She was traveling in the vehicle, a Scion, driving southbound on the Interstate when some malfunction occurred inside the car. Patrol officials say that they believe a small explosion erupted inside the automobile, sending debris flying into several nearby cars.

The malfunction also caused the accelerator on the Scion to stick, leaving the teacher unable to slow down, actually accelerating to high speed. In her panic, she drove the car off the road and crashed with tremendous force into a tree off the highway.

Dallas Elementary School Mourns Loss Of Teacher

Eyewitnesses provided most of the evidence of what occurred during the accident. Police have also released a transcript of the call made reporting the incident.

The caller told the 911 operator that the car was totaled, having been crushed by the force of the collision into bending around the driver, trapping her inside. Highway Patrol investigators are looking into the exact cause of the malfunction, but have not yet discovered any leads.

The school has provided counseling to grief stricken children affected by the loss of their teacher.

An Auto Accident Lawyer In Dallas Can Help

The loss of a loved in any circumstance is tragic. Far worse, however, is to lose someone knowing that his or her death could have been prevented. At the Lenahan Law Firm our legal team is dedicated to helping our clients find justice by holding those responsible for the wrongful death of their family accountable. A Dallas wrongful death attorney from our firm is ready and willing to work closely with you, giving you the benefit of our compassion combined with years of experience in the field of personal injury law.

If you have any questions regarding your case, contact a Dallas wrongful death lawyer at the Lenahan Law Firm right away.

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