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Man Succumbs to Injuries Suffered in Car Crash

A twenty-one year old man died in the hospital a day after incurring severe head injuries in a car crash on Warren Hill Road in Palmyra, Maine leaving the whole town shocked and saddened. The man and a passenger were driving during the early hours of Saturday morning when he reached a sharp curve in the road and continued travelling straight. According to police, the car slammed sideways into the trees near the road.

The crash was reported at 3:51 am Saturday. The man and a female passenger were travelling from Hartland to Palmyra when the Volkswagen Jetta they were travelling in went off the road. The driver was taken to Eastern Maine Medical Center in Bangor following the crash. He passed away less than 48 hours later as a result of the injuries he suffered. The state of the female passenger is currently unknown.

The incident is still under investigation as police try to determine what caused the young man to crash. An empty alcohol container was found inside the car so a Maine State Police trooper believes that alcohol may have been a factor in the crash. They await blood test results before making any concrete conclusions. The man, known for being talented in both music and sports, leaves behind three children, his parents, and four siblings.

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