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San Antonio Car accidents are related to the Motor Vehicles Law practice, which also includes: Auto Dealer Fraud, Automotive, Bus Accidents, Lemon Law, Motor Vehicle Accidents, Motorcycle Accident, Railroad Accidents, Rollover Accident, Traffic Violations, Transportation, and Trucking Accidents.

If you’ve been in an auto accident in San Antonio TX, and you and the other driver are able to speak, remember that all you should do is politely offer to exchange contact and insurance information. Do not, under any circumstances, engage in a debate regarding what you believe led to the incident. Instead, simply provide your best recollection of the accident to the police officer on the scene who will be completing the accident report.

This same suggestion applies to representatives of insurance companies who contact you in hopes of generating a statement. Some of these insurance company employees are not getting involved to help you, but rather to work towards limiting their own liability. In order to avoid making this mistake, you should meet with a Las Vegas accident lawyer who can help you work through this process.

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