Willens Law Offices Articles How You Can Help Prevent Chicago Pedestrian Accidents

How You Can Help Prevent Chicago Pedestrian Accidents

By Matthew Willens  Jun. 29, 2016 9:26a

Each year, around 4,000 pedestrian lose their lives in traffic accidents in the United States. One car accident-related pedestrian death occurs every two hours. This shows that we need to make serious efforts to prevent pedestrian death and injuries. Understanding the types of pedestrian accidents and ways to prevent them is a step in the right direction. In this post, lawyer lawyer Matt Willens Willens will discuss the various types of pedestrian accidents and how they can be prevented.

Crosswalk accidents

Crosswalk accidents are the most common types of pedestrian accident. These accidents occur either when the driver fails to yield to the pedestrian or the pedestrian fails to yield to the driver. At intersections, pedestrians have the right of way when traffic signals are not present. The simplest way to avoid crosswalk accidents is to avoid distraction when walking and obey traffic signs. Even if you have the right of way, wait until the way is clear and you are sure that the drivers are waiting for you to cross. When walking at night time, make yourself visible by wearing bright colored clothes and carry a flashlight.

Back-up Accidents

A backup accident is probably the most tragic type of accident, which can occur if the driver fails to see a person when backing out of a parking lot or driveway. Drivers should not reverse the vehicle without checking what is behind the vehicle. Looking in the mirrors may not be enough, the driver should step out and do a physical check. The driver should be aware of the blind spots and ensure that no one is behind them when reversing the vehicle. Pedestrians should be extra careful when walking around vehicles in driveways and parking lots. Parents should never allow children to play around parked vehicles.

Speeding Accidents

It is difficult to stop a vehicle that is travelling at high speed, which increases the risk of accidents including pedestrian accidents. Pedestrian should steer clear of the vehicles that are travelling fast and look like that they will not stop for them. Before crossing a street, pedestrians should try to judge the speed of oncoming vehicles and refrain from walking on the road if you have any doubt about whether you will be able to make it to the other side before the vehicle arrives.

Drunk Driving Accidents

It is estimated that half of all fatal pedestrian accidents involve a driver or a pedestrian who is intoxicated. The worst victims of drink driving accidents are children. Pedestrians should stay aware of the vehicles around them, and if they notice a vehicle driving sporadically or swerving, they should get out of the way and wait until the vehicle has passed.

Recovering compensation for pedestrian accident injuries

When a pedestrian accident occurs, the injuries are often quite serious and may include broken bones, spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, internal injuries, crush injuries and others. Victims should seek legal help from a Chicago personal injury attorney to make sure they are compensated for their injuries.

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