Willens & Baez Personal Injury Lawyers, P.C. Articles Automobile Accident Attorney Chicago: Is your car safe?

Automobile Accident Attorney Chicago: Is your car safe?

By Matthew Willens  Dec. 10, 2015 8:04a

The vehicle that you drive plays a key role in keeping you safe. Many of us never bother to think about ways in which our car could be affecting our ability to drive safely, but it is extremely important considering the fact that every year, thousands of automobile accidents occur because of mechanical failures and autmobile defects.

When evaluating the safety of your car, you should consider the following factors:

Safety features of your car

Check your seat belts and see if they are in good condition. Do you see any signs of wear or ripping? Air bags are also an important safety feature, but lately, there have been many air bag recalls. So, make sure your air bags are not one of those. The idea is to ensure that the safety systems are working as intended.

Check other sources for information about your car

To make sure that your car is completely safe, you should check online if any of its parts have been recalled. If a part has been recalled, get in touch with a local dealer to find if you have been affected. If the answer is yes, look into how you can have the part replaced at no cost.

You should also check online reviews of people who have been driving the same make and model of the car, and see if they have ever had any problems. In case you find that multiple people have reported accidents or injuries resulting from a defect or mechanical failure, you should take your car to the local dealer for a thorough inspection. Although it may take some effort to do all this research, your safety is worth your time and effort.

Check if any of the components overheat or handle strangely

If there are any components or systems in your car that do not react the way you expect, then should have it checked from a professional. If you find that certain parts are overheating, have them checked.

Condition of the car

Your car may look sparkling new from the outside, but if there are some internal issues such as problems with braking then it could put you in grave danger. It is important to carry out proper maintenance of the vehicle and get regular tune-ups.

Condition of the tires

Incorrectly inflated or bald tires can cause you to lose control of the vehicle especially when making sharp turns. So, ensure that the treads are deep, and if you find that the tires are worn or are not properly aligned, you should take them to a mechanic as soon as possible.

If you have been injured in a car accident caused by a mechanical failure to manufacturing or design defect, you should contact a Willens car accident law to pursue a third party claim.

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