Latest News 2011 September Crookston Car Crash Shocks Community

Crookston Car Crash Shocks Community

Two Crookston men are in police custody and facing serious charges after their actions lead to the death of another man and the injury of his wife. Police were initially called to a Crookston VFW because the two suspects were reportedly damaging cars, threatening people, and claiming they were owed money. After police arrived, they were able to subdue one of the men. The other was left unfazed by police attempts, got away, and subsequently stole a patrol vehicle.

After driving off, the man crashed head-on into a local couple, travelling in a pickup truck going the opposite direction. This brought the chase to a sudden stop. The husband was killed in the crash, the wife was injured and hospitalized. The community has expressed their sympathy for the woman who will come home from the hospital and have to plan her husband's funeral. The man driving the car is facing multiple charges, including fourth degree assault, theft of a motor vehicle, damage to property, and making terroristic threats. The second man is also being charged with making terroristic threats.

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