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Can Phone Apps Be Used to Promote Safe Driving and Prevent Car Accidents?

By Christopher Hoffmann  Mar. 27, 2020 9:12a

Using your smartphone to drive safely seems to be counterintuitive since distractions from mobile devices are a common cause of car accidents. Yet, some say there are smartphone apps that can be very useful tools in promoting safe driving and help in minimizing risks while on the road.

Here are some examples:


This app is designed to eliminate the risks associated with texting while driving. It provides an audio reading of your text messages and automatically replies to them with a customizable message.


A very popular app for parents of teens who are just learning to drive, LifeSaver blocks all the other apps on the smartphone while you are behind the wheel, delivers reports about your driving behavior and offers rewards for preventive driving.


Using augmented reality for a driving safety app is innovative and may be effective in providing real-time data about the traffic. It uses technologies like GPS, video camera and gyroscope to monitor your position, the distance to other vehicles on the road, speed, etc. This can give you time of reaction and prevent accidents.


The DriveSmart app not only collects driving data and monitors behaviors behind the wheel, but it also helps you stay free of distractions by redirecting your incoming phone calls to your voicemail, muting text messages, and sending automatic responses.

TrueMotion Family

This app is meant to identify risky behaviors by analyzing long-term data from a driver and by using machine-learning to provide helpful feedback. It will let you know when you should reduce your speed, watch out for traffic jams and generally make better decisions for safer driving.


A very useful Android app, Kruzr automatically responds to incoming calls and text messages and can filter urgent calls, allowing them to proceed.

Drive Mode

With this Android app, you can choose whether you want your phone to enter “Do not disturb” mode or enable voice command for your phone calls, messages, and apps. It can detect when the vehicle is moving and launch automatically.

AT&T Drive Mode

Also available in Spanish, this app automatically detects your driving speed and limits your smartphone use according to that. It’s available on both iOs and Android and can be used regardless of your mobile provider.


The perfect app for companies who have employees driving company cars, FleetSafer automatically enables safe mode on an employee’s smartphone when they are driving, only allowing emergency calls and reducing the risk of accidents.


Another app designed to keep teens safe while driving, FOCUS limits the use of your smartphone, while still allowing incoming and outgoing phone calls, and notifies parents if the app is turned off while the car is moving.

If you or one of your loved ones seem to struggle with keeping an eye on the road, try out some of these road safety apps and find out the best fit for you. Use your smartphone to your advantage and fight the risks associated with distracted driving.

If, in spite of your attempts to stay safe, you are hurt by another driver, get in touch with a St. Louis car accident lawyer. They will negotiate with the insurance company and get you a fair settlement.

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