Latest News 2017 December Safety Manager for Commercial Bus Company Pleads Guilty

Safety Manager for Commercial Bus Company Pleads Guilty

In February 2016, Yu Hua Mei and 13 other individuals were indicted for fraudulently operating commercial bus companies throughout Pennsylvania and surrounding states. In September 2017, she and others involved in the scheme pled guilty to their charges and now face up to 5 years in prison (as well as forfeiture of $7.7 million in assets).

The 14 individuals were charged with conspiracy to commit fraud against the U.S. government—specifically the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. The group had falsified documents related to hours of service, crash documents, vehicle maintenance, and alcohol/drug testing; they also incorporated in Pennsylvania to avoid higher insurance costs, despite operating in New York City. Falsifying their records gave them easier access to licensing and operation permits.

The bus companies implicated in the case include:

  • All-State Travel Bus
  • Asia Tours
  • Apex Bus
  • New Egg Bus
  • Universe Bus

The group was also accused of concealing the fact that their buses were not safe for passengers or other motorists. Their falsified documents attempted to circumvent federal accountability, such as claiming to have driver safety and training programs when they had no such programs.

Undone by Immigration Investigation

Mei and co. were initially discovered by Immigrations and Customs Enforcement when their buses were used to transport immigrants who were not authorized to work to places that would hire them. The initial investigation from ICE charged 8 people with recruiting, harboring, concealing, and transporting would-be migrant workers via buses and vans to restaurants for unauthorized employment.

The lack of safety regulation and the transportation of immigrants not authorized to work would inevitably have led to a serious accident—deaths which would have been difficult to hold accountable due to the illegal and secretive scheme. Often, it's the people with no legal recourse who suffer the most from fraudulent and unsafe practices.