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By Christopher Hoffmann  Nov. 28, 2019 6:30a

He Said She Said: What to Do If the At-Fault Driver Lies About the Accident

If you were the victim of a car accident, it is crucial to start collecting evidence to support your case from the very first moment. The reason why any good St. Louis auto accident attorney will advise you to do that is because no matter what happened during those moments, your attorney will have to be able to present evidence in front of the court and jury.

The at-fault party will probably do the same and try their best to decrease the damage they caused and escape paying a lot of money.

As a victim, you are not only looking for justice, but you are also fighting to get compensation for all the expensive medical bills that will come, lost working hours, and the pain and suffering caused by such a traumatic event. It may seem like your case is simple and straight-forward when you know what happened, but you might have the surprise of dealing with an at-fault driver who lies about the events.

What Could the At-Fault Driver Lie About?

Being the at-fault driver in a car accident can be very expensive, and someone who finds themselves in that situation might be desperate enough to try to lie their way out of it. Whether they believe what they are stating or not, at-fault drivers can deny certain events or try to shift the blame on others.

Some of the things they can lie about are:

  • Talking on their phone or texting while driving when the accident occurred;
  • Experiencing signs of fatigue and ignoring them;
  • Breaking the speed limit;
  • Consuming alcohol prior to driving

At-fault drivers might try to deny things like that in front of the court because they know it's not always easy to prove them. They also know that such details can jeopardize their case as they show negligence.

In order to make a negligence claim, and therefore prove his fault, two aspects must be established: that the driver had a breach in the duty of care whilst driving (meaning that he did not drive preventively or safely), and that that breach was the cause of the accident.

Proof That You Should Take to Court

To protect yourself and get the compensation you deserve for your injuries and property damage, your Attorney should use various types of evidence to support your claims and prove that the at-fault driver is lying.

  • Gather witness statements: be sure to collect contact information from people at the scene of the accident;
  • Bring hard evidence;
  • Call the police, even if the accident seems minor, a police report will weigh significantly;
  • Go to the doctor, even if the harm is unseen. There are many cases where injuries are unnoticeable at first but lead to complications later;

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