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Torn Tear Duct Injuries - St. Louis Automobile Wreck Lawyer

Mar. 21, 2017 7:58a

Torn tear duct injuries from car accidents can be more serious than you think

Car accidents can lead to a wide variety of injuries, ranging from minor to severe. The severity of injuries depends on a host of factors like the type of accident, location of the victim at the time of crash, the extent of trauma, and the force of impact. According to the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), about three million car accidents occur every year, and maxillofacial trauma is one of the most common type of injuries that occur as a result of these crashes. One such maxillofacial injury that can be extremely serious is a torn tear duct injury.

Torn tear duct injuries

A tear duct injury is a type of maxillofacial injury that is often caused by blunt trauma to the facial area. It involves tearing of the tear duct causing severe pain as well as exposing the eyes to a number of other complications and infections.

The tears from the tear duct helps in keeping the eyes free from dirt, duct bacteria, infections, foreign objects, viruses, and in keeping the eyes healthy. With a tear duct injury, the cleansing system of the eyes gets compromised causing significant pain, irritation and damage to the eyes.

Torn tear duct injuries caused by car accidents

Automobiles are equipped with crash protective mechanisms like seat belts and air bags that are designed to prevent accident injuries like maxillofacial injuries. These safety features have become standard requirement in almost all vehicles. However, car accidents cause serious injuries to the face if these safety mechanisms do not deploy or work during accidents due to faulty equipment, manufacturing defects, or simply due to the failure of the vehicle passenger or driver to use the safety equipment. Moreover, at times, injuries can be caused despite the use of this safety equipment.

Injuries to the face, especially torn tear duct injuries can be caused due to the following –

  • Injury caused due to shards of broken glass

  • Trauma caused by hitting against the dashboard or steering wheel

  • Injury caused due to faulty airbags, or due to trauma caused by the airbags when they deploy

Treating torn tear duct injuries

Incorrect handling of a torn duct injury can lead to permanent damage. The eyes and the area surrounding them is very sensitive, therefore someone who suffers a torn tear duct injury should keep the following in mind –

  • Keep the eye covered with a sterile pad

  • Do not rinse, rub or apply pressure on the eye

  • Avoid anti-inflammatory pain killers that may thin out the blood and increase bleeding

  • Seek medical attention immediately

Preventing torn tear duct injuries and seeking legal help

Like any other car accident injuries, torn tear duct injuries can be prevented by following traffic rules and by practicing safe driving habits. However, despite your best efforts, accidents and the resulting injuries may be the fault of a negligent driver. Car accident victims who have suffered a torn tear duct injury should consult a St. Louis car accident lawyer to seek legal advice.

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